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W5YI Ham Radio Testing, Chanhassen MN

This web page includes information for applicants who wish to take their Ham Radio license examination from the W5YI Testing Group of Chanhassen.

Our group of volunteer examiners is comprised of FCC Licensed Amateur Radio operators. We provide testing services as a public service for the Amateur Radio community of the Twin Cities. The W5YI Group of Dallas Texas is our VEC coordinating organization. They supervise us. W5YI home page link

The paperwork completed by our volunteer group in Chanhassen is mailed to Dallas for processing and submission to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Licenses are granted by the FCC.

Next Testing Dates and Times

Our group publishes all the dates and times of our upcoming test sessions on the ARRL "Find A Test Location" Web page. They are typically held once a month on the third Monday or Tuesday evening of the month. The date is depending upon when public holidays occur, and availability of meeting rooms. To access the ARRL web page click on this handy link >>>

After clicking the link, find the zip code box and enter 55317, find the distance box and enter 25 miles, then scroll to the bottom of the web page and click the SUBMIT button. The web site will then update, and show you all the upcoming test sessions for the Twin Cities area including ours. Our specific sessions include the heading W5YI Test Group of Chanhassen..

Pre Registration

Formal registration is NOT required to take your test. But ... please send an email to or call and let us know you are coming. This will ensure we have enough volunteer examiners and materials for your test session. EMAIL:

Taking Your Exam

Test Site Location We use the Carver County Public Library in downtown Chanhassen Minnesota. It is a nice one story brick building, visible when driving west through downtown Chanhassen on 78th street. 7711 Kerber Blvd. Chanhassen, MN 55317 Ph: 952-227-1500 Directions: on the corner of 78th and Kerber, one block north of Highway 5. Across the street from Byerlys.


There is a small 2 level parking ramp next to the library. If the lower level is full you may park on the top level which as accessed by driving further north on Kerber Blvd. There is a cement staircase from the top level of the parking ramp to the street level entrance of the Library. Another surface parking lot is located between the Library and Klein Bank.

Fees and Payment

The fee to take your test is $14. Payment may be in cash or by personal check. The fee may be paid when you come to take your test. If paying by personal check make your check out to "W5YI Radio Testing of Chanhassen". If paying with cash please bring the exact amount. If you pass element 2 there is no extra fee to take element 3 the same evening. If you pass element 3 there is no extra fee to take element 4 the same evening.

If You Are Upgrading

Bring your original signed license, AND a photo copy of the signed original. We must submit the photo copy of your signed current license to W5YI in Dallas with your paperwork. You will not get the photo copy back

Personal Identification Requirements

A photo ID is required to take your Amateur Radio exam. If the applicant is a minor, the parent must show his/her photo ID.

Applicants must ALSO have either a US Social Security number, or FCC issued FRN (electronic id number). The FRN number is preferred because this how your license file will eventually be tracked by the FCC. Using the FRN also helps control the identity theft. To get your FRN assigned, go to the FCC licensing web site

ADA Accommodation

If you are physically disable or challenged, our test group will provide appropriate accommodation. If accommodation will be required please inform us before you arrive to ensure the needed resources are available. Typical accommodation might include reading the questions and answers to a visually impaired applicant, or a person who has difficulty reading (child).

When Will I Receive My License?

Your new call sign should be assigned within 4 to 5 days. Sometimes it longer if the week includes a holiday. When assigned your call sign will be published on the FCC and other web sites. Once your new call sign shows up you can key up your transmitter and start using your new privileges.

Link to New Licensee updates

Background Information
In order to operate an Amateur Radio station a license is required from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). To get a license you need to pass a multiple choice written test.
License applicants must be a US citizen.

There are no age requirements to take an Amateur Radio license exam.

New hams are issued one of three license classes:

  • Technician
  • General
  • Extra
Technician is the entry level class for new comers to the hobby. The Extra class exam is the most difficult. Advancing in class from Technician to General to Extra provides the licensee with addiitonal privileges and responsibilities.

Exam requirments for each class of license

  • Technician Class only requires element 2
  • General Class requires elements 2 and 3
  • Extra Class requires elements 2 and 3 and 4
None of the current Ham Radio licenses require a CW or Morse code exam.

What To Expect When You Take Your Test

Come prepared. Make sure you have studied and can pass a simulated test. Practice tests are available on the Internet through a number of free web sites.

You are allowed to use a simple calculator for calculating answers. You are encouraged to bring one with you.

Your test will be given in one of the conference rooms of the library. Once you arrive ask the librarians at the information desk for directions to the room we will be using.
If you are not currently licensed, the first test you will take is Element 2. It is a 35 question multiple choice test. You need to get 26 or more correct in order to pass and receive your Technician class license. If you wish to do so, you may take all three exams the same evening. Before taking Element 3 you must pass element 2, and before taking element 4 you must pass element 3.

You will need to fill out some forms before taking your test. It will take you about 15 minutes to do this. The forms will be provided when you come to take your test.

Traveler - We use this form to track your progress on test night, and ensure all the forms are completed.

FCC Form 605 -
This form is sent to the FCC if you pass your test. It is important that you write legibly, and sign it. Fill it out and sign it with a pen.

Test Answer Sheet -
This is a multiple choice answer sheet, similar in style to what is used in schools. To mark your answer you fill in a dot next to the correct answer. It is important that you write the test exam number on your answer sheet. When your test is graded the correct answer key must be used. This form will be signed by three test examiners.

If you pass your license test a Certificate of Successful Completion of Examination (CSCE) will be completed and signed by the examiners, and given to immediately after your test has been scored. In the event your paperwork was lost, the CSCE proves you passed your test. Keep you CSCE in a safe place.

For New Hams
Now that you have your ticket you will want to use it. Here are some resources.
Local 2 Meter Repeaters
145.450 MHz Minnetonka
146.880 MHz Eden Prairie
147.000 MHz Maple Plain
147.165 MHz Chaska

73's and congratulations on your new ticket!! W5YI Radio Test of Chanhassen

W5YI Ham Radio Testing, Chanhassen MN

This web page includes information for applicants who wish to take their Ham Radio license examination from the W5YI Testing Group of Chanha...